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Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker greets the crowd during a rally with former President Donald Trump on September 25, 2021, in Perry, Georgia. | Source: Sean Rayford / GettyIn today’s episode of You Ain’t Gotta Lie, Herchel, You Ain’t Gotta Liiiiiiiiiiiiie!, former football player and resident “Black friend” to the GOP Herschel Walker has apparently been out here doing a lot of pretending. We already knew he was pretending to be a person who knows literally anything about governing, a person whose wife isn’t probably guilty of voter fraud and a person who wasn’t endorsed by Donald Trump because conservative negro puppets have become the GOP’s new favorite political commodity—but it turns out he’s also been pretending to be a college graduate.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Wait, didn’t Walker graduate MAGA-goon-lackey from Sunken Place University A&T (Ashiness & Tapdancing)?” But that’s not the kind of accredited school that looks good on an amateur politician’s resume.

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According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Walker’s campaign removed a false claim from his website Thursday that the U.S. Senate candidate “graduated from UGA with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice.”  Now, that’s a pretty explicit claim. It’s not the kind of innocent mistake borne from someone misconstruing a few facts—we’re talking about a very specific type of degree in a very specific field.

It’s also not the first time the claim was made.

AJC noted that his fictional educational credentials were “proliferated elsewhere, including in an online biography advertising Walker’s book, at a campaign rally for his bid to unseat Democratic U.S. Sen. Raphael Warnock, and even during his introduction this year at a congressional hearing.”

The falsehood is also included on Walker’s Amazon author site, his Speaker Booking Agency page and his New Georgia Encyclopedia entry.

But the cap train doesn’t stop there. In February, during a U.S. House subcommittee hearing on reparations (I think we all know which side of the debate the Sambo Bowl athlete was on there), Walker was reportedly introduced as a UGA graduate by U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen. During another campaign rally in November, Walker was welcomed to the stage by some right-wing activist who boasted about the candidate’s “bachelor’s degree.” In both instances, Walker snatched up his ill-gotten flowers without correcting anyone about the degree he hasn’t earned.

Of course, to let Walker tell it, it was all just a simple oversight.

“I was majoring in Criminal Justice at UGA when I left to play in the USFL my junior year,” Walker said in a statement to AJC. “After playing with the New Jersey Generals, I returned to Athens to complete my degree, but life and football got in the way.”

Nah bruh—ain’t no such thing as halfway truth.

This wasn’t a claim that was simply incorrect—”2 + 2 = 22″ is incorrect—Walker and his campaign were out here lyyyyyying!

Fibbing. Misleading. Dissembling. Falsifying. Speaking falsehoods. Untruthinating (I made that one up). Misrepresenting. Equivocating. Dissimulating.

Herschel Walker is a damn LIE!

The thing is, there’s nothing shameful about not having a degree and Walker certainly isn’t the first politician to not have one—but he can’t be out here claiming he wants to bring “honesty” back to Georgia and he can’t even be honest about his own education.

If we can’t trust Walker to tell the truth about something as inconsequential as his school credentials, how can we trust him to be an honest legislator?


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