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Looks like Ja Rule is once again about to take on the United States government as the IRS is zeroing in on the former face of Murder Inc.

Radar is reporting that the Queens rapper allegedly owes Uncle Sam over $3 million in federal taxes. Really?! When he’d start making millions like that again?! (no shots). According to the lawsuit filed by lawyers representing the United States of America, the artist born Jeff Atkins owes $3,139,237.76 for royalties made in 2005-2010 and 2012-2017.

The breakdown is $357,421.23 (2005), $518,700.88 (2006), $348,087.49 (2007) $267,193 (2008), $198,817.99 (2009), $47,901.53 (2010), $128,926.37 (2012), $116,720.65 (2013), $229,577.62 (2014), $212,270.42 (2015), $526,431.46 (2016) and $187,188.52 (2017). 

The IRS claims despite numerous demands for payment, Ja Rule refuses to pay up on the bill. They are demanding the court enter a judgment against Ja Rule and his wife for $3.1 million. The rapper has yet to file a response to the case but has hired his longtime attorney, Stacy Richman. 

We’re not sure why Ja doesn’t work out some kind of payment plan with the government because this the kind of stuff that gets white folk put in jail.

So we imagine Uncle Sam will have no problem throwing a rapper from Queens behind bars for not coughing up his money. The last time something like this happened, Ja Rule was sentenced to 28 months in prison for failing to pay $1.1 million in taxes but worked out a deal to pay $1 million of the money owed. Saved himself a whole $100,000.

But who knows, maybe Ja Rule doesn’t have that kind of money and is just buying time to get his weight up and pay off what he owes. Either that or get his money right to just dip and move to Costa Rica or something. He should get Vin Diesel on the phone and try to get back in the Fast & Furious franchise or something.

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