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At this point, I’m pretty sure the reason white people keep reaching to connect mask requirements to the racial segregation of the Jim Crow era is the same reason they refuse to wear face masks in the first place: Their breath smells like 400 years of oppression and they’re afraid to breathe it back into their own nostrils.

In today’s episode of White People Want To Be Oppressed So Bad, a video has spread across social media showing a white woman losing her mind after being refused service at a restaurant because she refused to wear a face mask as a COVID-19 precaution while claiming, as many anti-maskers have, that she is medically exempt. In this case, she claimed repeatedly that she has PTSD, which I can only imagine, in this instance, stands for Pink Toe Susan Disease.

“You have no right to refuse service to me,” the clueless and hueless woman can be heard saying to an employee after refusing to leave. “I have PTSD. I can not wear a mask.”

Mind you, there was an anti-masker protest reportedly happening outside the restaurant at the time, which means the white woman is likely lying about her Porcelain-Tinted Skin Disorder preventing her from wearing a mask, and she was just there to flex her pseudo-activist white nonsense.

But because caucasity is a boundless phenomenon, and because the employee who ordered her to leave happened to be a Black woman, this white woman just had to invoke the Civil Rights Act in making some non-argument about her being discriminated against.

“Under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, I demand equal access,” she said before threatening to call the police and continuing to claim she suffers from Pale Troglodyte Supremacist Deficiency.

Later in the clip, the woman reminded us that white anti-maskers and white racists are cut from the same proverbial cloth by declaring, “As a Black person, you should be ashamed!”

“60 years ago, you couldn’t drink from the same water fountain as me, and now you’re discriminating against me,” she said.

Only in the warped minds of privileged white people is a business refusing a maskless person service in order to protect customers and staff from possible infection comparable to Black people being legally held as second class citizens and denied equal access, not just to water fountains, but to employment, housing, quality education, protection under the law and, among a long list of other things, basic humanity.

Anti-masker is not a race, gender, religion, nationality or sexual orientation. This is just people refusing to abide by a business’ rules and being denied service because of it. In fact, it’s easily arguable that anti-maskers are literally being judged by the content of their character.

But beyond that, if the worker who asked her to leave was white, it wouldn’t have even occurred to her to go there. But the white woman saw a person’s Blackness and immediately—for lack of a better term not constantly abused by colonizers—played the race card.

In short: White people are exhausting, and they’re constantly the cause of Black people’s actual PTSD.


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