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racist white driver

Source: Twitter

A white driver in upstate New York was unapologetic about his racism when he took the time to roll down his window and yell slurs at a Black driver.

According to New York Post, Jakeila Phillips recorded the whole incident of a passenger in a hatchback trying to get her attention while driving beside her in Utica. Eventually, Phillips rolled down her window and asked, “What did you say?”

This is when the man yelled, “I said I hate ni**ers!” and he identified himself as a cook named Barry Wardell.

“Put me on Facebook. Black lives don’t matter! Ni**er!” he continued, leaning out the window as they both continued to drive.

Laughing at the intense racist attacks, Phillips calmly asked the man if he had “anything else” to say.

Of course, he had more.

“Blacks should be slaves. Give me back my grandparents’ property,” he yelled, referring to her “fu**ing ancestors.” When Phillips asks what the man did for a living, Wardell replied, “I cook. I’m a chef. And I hang ni**ers on the weekend.”

“But no disrespect to you,” he strangely added as Phillips drove away, still chuckling.

Phillips posted the intense incident to Facebook on Saturday to prove that she experiences “racist/prejudice encounters all the time” and she “finally got to catch one on camera.” You can watch the verbally graphic clip below.


Utica police said on their Facebook Sunday that they were “actively looking into the incident to identify if any crimes have been committed.”

“Regardless of the criminality of it we were disgusted and horrified by the words used,” police continued in their statement. “It is one of the most ignorant things anyone has ever said and is not indicative of the citizens here and the city we are all proud of.”

Hamilton College president, David Wippman, also called out the “despicable racist slurs” made by the man. Apparently, he had been a contract worker for the college’s food services provider at one point.

“He will not work here again and has been banned from our campus effective immediately,” Wippman explained in a Facebook post. “The behavior shown on the video is an extreme violation of our community standards and will not be tolerated.”

Wardell was also employed at the restaurant Bon Appétit, but they explained to the Observer-Dispatch that he had been put on leave in February due to the coronavirus pandemic. With the recent video, they have no plans of hiring him back.

“Bon Appétit has a zero tolerance policy regarding racism,” company officials explained in a statement. “We condemn these vile comments whole-heartedly.”


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