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I am a person who believes in supporting Black businesses.

When I see a Black entrepreneur out here doing their thing, I’m sending all the positive vibes I can their way, and if I can make it to their location, me and my wallet are both here for them and I root for their success.

However, there are certain products I just can’t get behind no matter how Blackity-Black the vendor is.

I can’t open my pockets up to you if you’re selling Black and Mild-flavored toothpaste, or “I can’t believe it’s not cocoa butter” lotion or anything from Kanye West’s clothing line. (He mostly sells Jesus pajamas and I’m tired of pretending that’s not the case.)

And at the very top of the list of things I just can’t spend my hard-earned money on, no matter who’s selling it, is a tie that looks like a noose.

Apparently, some Black guy named Daniel is out here selling “Daniel’s Rope Ties,” which are described on the product’s Facebook page as “African rope wear” for “all genders.”

So, I have several questions.

First of all, what exactly is “African rope wear?” If “Jewish Holocaust gear” and “Japanese Internment Camp threads” aren’t things then THIS SHOULDN’T BE EITHER!

Secondly, who is the targeted consumer base for something like this? Is there an annual reconstruction era reenactment event that I’m unaware of?

Third, is this supposed to be business attire? Is the business “Crash Dummies for Lynchings Incorporated?”

Finally, how is it that Daniel keeps convincing Black people to model these things?

What kind of plantation owner are we trying to dress to impress here?

Are these ties appropriate for church? (I mean, that wouldn’t be all that ridiculous considering the fact that people wear the thing Jesus was crucified on around their necks. Nah, never mind, this is still weirder than that.)

Listen: If slaves had to go on job interviews, this could very well be what they would wear. But in 2021, I just feel like employers might frown on something like this because they know you’re an HR nightmare waiting to happen. If you get hired wearing this, you’re definitely working for a racist.

Wait, is this racist employer detection wear?

Anyway, I really can’t tell if this is an elaborate prank or an actual business, but this just ain’t it, bruh. When our mothers told us to hang our clothes up, this is not what they meant.

Seriously, what is this and why?


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