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When it comes to scholarships set up specifically to benefit the academic careers of African Americans with limited access to pursue a higher education, some unfortunately have looked at it as some sort of “hand-out” or, from a more irrational perspective, an act of “reverse racism.”

That’s why it hurt us here at The Amanda Seales Show to see Duke University give a bit of validity to that argument by ending its Reginaldo Howard Scholarship Program in reaction to the Supreme Court ruling last year in favor of ending all race-based college admissions.

The goal is simple: put an end to affirmative action.


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It led to a very interesting conversation between Amanda and Supreme as you might imagine — and yeah, they managed to somehow make light of the situation and throw some comedic prowess in the mix. Wait until you hear some of these “proposed” scholarship ideas!

Get into the conversation below here on The Amanda Seales Show:



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