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Pharrell Ends Perfomance Early Due To Fans Throwing Wristbands

Source: Mario Renzi – Formula 1 / Getty / Pharrell

Pharrell always seems to be in a good mood, but fans in Saudi Arabia saw a different side of the super-producer/rapper during a recent performance.

The man who traveled the globe singing “Because I’m happy” wasn’t feeling that while performing at an F1 Post Race concert in Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Mail’s reporting, Louis Vuitton’s latest Men’s Creative Director ended his performance early because fans in attendance would not stop throwing their light-up wristbands on the stage.

“This is the liveliest city right now on the planet but we have also got to be the safest,” Williams said to the crowd. “I know you guys are excited and I know you are wanting to throw your wrist gadgets and lights and all that, but you can’t as the girls are dancing. And me? I love women. How about you?”

He continued, “We must protect our women, so if you want to throw them lights, you have to throw them the other way, not at the stage. Who understands what I’m saying?”

Despite his warning, fans continued to chuck their wristbands on the stage. “Let’s take those stupid wristbands and throw them in the air right now when I count to three. And now we are done,” he said before exiting stage left like Jackson Heights’ own Randy Watson in Coming To America, telling the crowd, “Okay, I am going to let you all finish.”


It takes a great deal of disrespect when Pharrell to make Pharrell end a performance early.

The “Frontin’” singer was not the only significant act during the event; Alicia Keys and Martin Garrix were headliners.

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