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Kanye West on Fake Yeezys

Source: @kanyewest / Instagram

It seems Kanye West’s business strategy continues to evolve. He says Vultures 2 will not be available for streaming but sold on his website.

As reported by Hypebeast, the sequel to the Ye and Ty Dolla $ign’s collaborative project will have a more independent roll out compared to its predecessor. Last week, the rapper engaged with a fan account on Instagram and explained that he has reevaluated how he sells his art. “Was talking with the team about how to release the next album. Like James Blake said streaming devalues our music” Kanye explained. “We sell albums on I got 20 million Instagram followers. When 5% of my followers buy an album. That’s 1 million albums sold. That’s 300k more than the biggest album last year. We sold 1 million items on on Super Bowl Sunday so we know it’s possible. How do you feel about us not streaming and only selling the album digitally.”

In a separate screenshot Kanye went on to add, “It would be nice for our community to support the albums, Streaming is pirating.” Since cutting ties with adidas, Kanye West has embraced a direct to consumer model specifically for his Yeezy apparel line. As referenced earlier, his brand sold over 1 million combined units of the polarizing Yeezy Pod sock shoe, a pant, t-shirt and a top. All the pieces sold at a $20 dollar price point prompting fans to believe Vultures 2 will also be sold for $20.

Vultures 2 was originally scheduled for March 8.

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