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Source: Jeff Kravitz / Getty

A new report reveals how much Donald Trump despised Snoop Dogg, particularly in the final days of his time as president.

According to reports, part of Donald Trump’s last days and hours in the White House were devoted to a white-hot fury at Snoop Dogg over the artist’s past criticisms of him. Numerous sources detailed Trump’s reaction as he was briefed on a petition for a presidential pardon for Death Row Records co-founder Michael “Harry-O” Harris on January 18, 2021. It was the same day that Trump taped his farewell address before President Joe Biden took office.

“Snoop brought this case to me, and I brought Alice Johnson [who was pardoned by Trump] on board to help me with it, and she brought it to the West Wing,” activist Weldon Angelos (who also had been previously granted clemency by Trump) said in the interview. “In the past, the president has given her the ability to select cases. And she doesn’t get [clemency for] all of them … but with Mr. Harris, she is not taking no for an answer.” When presented with the petition, officials close to him reminded him of the “Gin & Juice” rapper’s previous insults of him including one line from 2018: “If you like that n—a, you m———-n’ racist. F–k you and f–k him. Now what?”

The prompts refueled Trump’s rage. “Well, f*ck him,” he snapped according to a source, who also noted that he told aides to reject the petition and trash the paperwork to get back at Snoop Dogg. That led to a scramble to assuage his hurt feelings, which led to Angelos recalling a message the rapper had taped for a documentary applauding Trump’s criminal justice reform efforts. The footage was shown to Trump, who relented and added Harris’ name to the lengthy list of those given clemency on January 19, 2021, which also included Kodak Black.

The news comes after a recent London Sunday Times interview where Snoop Dogg stated, “I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump.” That remark earned the veteran MC some backlash and questions as to why. As for the former president, his team has taken great pains to include that comment as proof of how beloved Trump is within the Black community as he’s campaigning to return to the White House.

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