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Source: @mrchimetime / Instagram

It’s been years since Eminem got into the restaurant game with his Detroit eatery, Mom’s Spaghetti (lifted from a famous line off his smash hit “Lose Yourself”). If you’re wondering why it never branched out of the 313, well, it’s probably cause it’ll make you spit up a little something, allegedly.

At least that’s been the word on the street as popular online foodie and food vlogger Mr. ChimeTime, born Rashad Mooreman, has just put Em’s restaurant on blast for serving him what he called “the worst” spaghetti he’s ever had in his life. Taking to his channel to review Mom’s Spaghetti posted Saturday (Feb. 17), ChimeTime gave Eminem his flowers for being “iconic” and “one of the best rappers that ever lived” before chowing down on his order of two different types of spaghetti and a spaghetti sandwich.

The results were not glowing in the slightest as Chime went to town on his criticism of the food. “This is by far the worst spaghetti that I have ever had in my entire life of eating spaghetti,” Chime said. Continuing to reign fire and brimstone on the quality of food, Chime went on to say, “When I tasted this, it kinda reminds me of middle school cafeteria meat. But I’ma keep it 100 with you, middle school cafeteria meat is better than this bullsh*t, bruh.”

Aside from the actual taste of the meal, Chime took issue with the manner in which the food was served saying that the container was open and spaghetti spilled out of the box. It definitely didn’t help that the food was “cold as f*ck” and that the sauce itself was “by far the blandest upper-mid sauce that I’ve ever had in any spaghetti.”

Marshall Mathers out here really adding credence to the whole notion that white folk don’t know sh*t about flavor or spices. Just sayin’. Em might have to fire some people or at least just buy cans of Chef Boyardee by the truckload and pass it off as his own or something.

What action this prompts Eminem to take to improve the menu items of his restaurant is anyone’s guess, but one thing is for certain, we have no interest whatsoever in trying any items from Em’s Mom’s Spaghetti restaurant.

That being said, when the hell is Bun B going to open up a Trill Burgers in New York City, b?! We waiting on that, homie!

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