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Amanda Seales welcomes the dynamic and innovative stylist, Anthony Dickey, as a guest on her widely acclaimed podcast, “Small Doses.” Together, they embark on an engaging journey through the captivating history of kinky-curly hair and its profound impact on the beauty industry. This enlightening dialogue celebrates authenticity, challenges standards, and empowers listeners to embrace their natural beauty, all guided by Dickey’s pioneering work and insights.

In this episode, Amanda brings up the latest cultural debates around what we should or shouldn’t expect when getting our hair done by a stylist, why textured hair is more versatile than straight hair, and the influence the natural hair movement has influenced society.



With a dynamic blend of humor, intellect, and curiosity, Seales provides the perfect platform for Dickey to share his expertise and experiences. As the creator of the innovative haircare line “Hair Rules” and a pioneer in redefining the beauty standards for textured hair, Dickey’s presence on “Small Doses” promises to be enlightening and inspiring for listeners.

Dickey’s profound impact on the beauty industry extends far beyond his role as a stylist. With a career spanning decades, he has consistently challenged conventional notions of beauty and advocated for embracing natural hair textures. From his iconic work with celebrities to his groundbreaking contributions to textured hair care products, Dickey’s journey reflects a commitment to empowering individuals to embrace their authentic selves. As the episode unfolds, listeners can anticipate an engaging dialogue that not only explores the evolution of kinky-curly hair but also delves into the social and cultural implications it holds.


Listen to the full episode of Small Doses: Side Effects of Textured Hair with Anthony Dickey here.

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