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They Want To Make It Illegal to Support Black Businesses l The Amanda Seales Show

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Black women have notoriously had to jump through hurdles to even get the handful of advancements that come with being a melanated sister today. However, there’s still much left to accomplish, and unfortunately still those in places of opposition who don’t want to share space with such a strong force of nature, including the competitive arena of business for example.

That’s where we are with a new DEI lawsuit spearheaded by conservative litigant Edward Blum against The Fearless Foundation: a 501c-3 non-profit organization that, as per their mission statement, “provides capital, community, mentorship, and education to women of color entrepreneurs.”

…wait, why all the drama for them of all people?! Thankfully we had the organization’s Arian Simone on board to break it all down for The Amanda Seales Show and our viewers out there — many who are, in fact, Black women entrepreneurs themselves.



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Take a look at more on the case below, via CNN:

“The hearing is the latest in an ongoing legal battle between the Fearless Fund and the American Alliance for Equal Rights (AAER), a nonprofit headed by Edward Blum, the legal strategist behind the Supreme Court case that dismantled affirmative action in college admissions last June.

‘If the Fearless Fund is not allowed to give grants to Black women consistent with their mission, it calls into the question every other charitable organization doing the same thing,’ Alphonso David, an attorney representing the Fearless Fund, said at a press conference following the hearing. ‘That’s why this case is important to them and that’s why this case should be important to everyone else in this country.’

Arian Simone, co-founder and CEO of the Fearless Fund, said in a statement this week that her organization remains ‘undeterred by this relentless, concerted attempt to set economic equity back.’

‘In fact, since our most recent court appearance, we’ve expanded our practice to be a one-stop-shop for women of color entrepreneurs who are seeking guidance and financing to help grow their businesses,’ Simone said.”


See what else Arian Simone of The Fearless Foundation had to say below, exclusively on The Amanda Seales Show:


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