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Source: @realjasonwhitlock / Instagram

Right-wing pundit Jason Whitlock appeared to be distancing himself from an interview he conducted with a highly antisemitic author on his show.

Right-wing columnist Jason Whitlock has come under some scrutiny after interviewing E. Michael Jones, a man whom the Anti-Defamation League describes as “an anti-Semitic Catholic writer” on his Fearless podcast Jan. 18. The reaction to the interview, which contained bigoted rants, prompted him to scrub social media content that promoted the interview after it aired.

After praising Jones as someone who was “canceled because of his writings” in his introduction, Whitlock saw the interview go south as Jones went into a particularly bigoted rant against Jewish people, which included him stating that they were “undermining the moral fabric of the American people,” and that they were “running the Biden Administration.”

Whitlock appeared to co-sign Jones’ words by replying, “I get it, and I can’t say that I disagree.” That led to Jones leveling a claim that “the Jews took over the Blacks early on” in his rant, with Whitlock declaring, “Mr. Jones, you are fearless,” before adding that those criticizing should know that “the man is speaking facts, and I know the intent of what he just said, and I got no problem with it.” The backlash led Whitlock to take down several clips he posted of the show to X, formerly Twitter.

Whitlock had a different tone in the follow-up show. “I should have been better prepared. That’s where I blamed myself,” he said. “After the interview, I did start like looking around and seeing like, oh, man, this guy’s got some real controversy to him. I don’t regret having him on. I regret not being as prepared as I should have been.” The former ESPN and FS1 personality also stated that he “may decide to take it down off YouTube just because I know how YouTube works.” The show was removed from the channel it has on TheBlaze’s network on the platform, but it remains on the main website and the conservative-friendly Rumble platform.

Jason Whitlock also would dismiss speculation that he was urged to take it down at the behest of Glenn Beck, TheBlaze’s founder. When contacted by the Daily Beast, he denied that happening, saying: “I removed the tweet because it overshadowed the purpose of the interview, a discussion about how sexual liberation is used for political control.”


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